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Here's the great secret behind the NALE story - constant engineering

Andreas started off in the food scene with zero experience, but with a burning passion for making good food. Like many others, he studied something for a while but soon realized that it wasn't really his calling. Upon dropping out of Mechanical Engineering, he followed his passion for food fussiness and soon discovered his true calling; Food Engineering.

This didn't really occur to him while he was bulldozing his way through his business for the first few years until a certain supply mishap blew up in his face.  Forced into the corner with his supply cut off, he decided it was finally time to face destiny head on and engineer (ironic eh?) something of his own.

About countless errors, 3 months and 15 ingredient laters (+super amounts of untold mods) he finally found the ideal taste.


The result? His most popular creation ever - the NALE sauce, Gulai and 6 different sambals to satisfy any fussy cravings; just the way Andreas does from one fussy to another.

After selling 140,000+ plates (and SKU's still rapidly increasing!) for 14 years sponging off from more than 50 different cooks and chefs, he finally founded NALE into what it is today where you can enjoy a memorable Nasi Lemak experience at their flagship store at i -City.

Under his strong leadership, he aims to make NALE the face of Nasi Lemak globally by sparing no quality in food and excellent customer service; just like how he did it when he started out.

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